Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw

Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Clerks quarters I feat. Angharad Williams and E.O.M, 2018
wood, mdf, plaster, cardboard, plastic, ginger,
aqueous pigments, acrylic paint, found materials
installation view
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
f150, 2018
installation view
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Lim Sai Hor Association, 2019
wood, mdf, plastic, glass, cardboard
exhibition design for "But Doctor I am Pagliacci"
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Vinegar stone and the language of flowers , 2017
installation view
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Control , 2018
wood, plaster, enamel paint, nail
40 x 27 x 15 cm
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
patches (sharing pears) , 2018
wood, plaster, burlap, bandage, thread neon lighting, acrylic paint, enamel paint
60 x 210 x 50 cm
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
father's son , 2018
wood, plaster, acrylic paint
150 X 70 X 12 cm
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Sine Sentry II, 2017
plaster, wood, hardware, corrugated plastic, found materials
52 x 42 x 4 cm
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Snide sentry III, 2017
wood, mdf, plaster, plastic, acrylic paint, aqueous pigments
40 x 62 x 9.5 cm
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Hygieia + Hedera, 2017
wood, plaster, sand, corrugated plastic, snail shells, paint, pigment, iron powder
223 x 42 x 44.5 cm
Adam Shiu-Yang Shaw - selected work
Perennial Wick, 2019
plaster, textile, wood, steel wire, hardware
90 x 30 x 5 cm

Born 1987, Edmonton. Lives and works in Berlin and Vancouver.


2020-2022 - Berlin Program for Artists, Berlin

2014-2016 - Master of Fine Arts, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

2015-2015 - Master of Fine Arts (guest student), Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

2008-2013  - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emily Carr University, Vancouver

Solo and Two-Person shows


 Memory Loss - Drakken II, Coyote, Stockholm

 Friend of a Friend, Wschód, Warsaw (cancelled)

15 Orient, New York (cancelled)


Can There Be Forgiveness?, Ashley, Berlin

Pledge, Sox Galeri, Berlin

F-150, Polansky Gallery, Prague

Clerks' Quarters, (feat. Angharad Williams & E.O.M.) Bobs Pogobar - KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin

Benevolent Nerves, Galerija 427, Riga


Vinegar Stone & The Language of Flowers, Towards, Toronto


Undilutable Slang Truth, Galleri Mejan Stockholm


Internal Climates, Sunset Terrace, Vancouver

Selected Group shows


The Transparent Man, New Scenario, DE (forthcoming)

Condo w/ Wschód , Union Pacific, London


But Doctor, I am Pagliacci, The Loon, Toronto

Uttran II, Uttran Lake, Rönninge


Schrein der Freundschaft, Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam, Potsdam

Don't Come In, Winterfelt 31, Berlin

At the End of the Game You Will Be Forgotten, Alyssa Davis Gallery, NYC

In Commerce Court, Main Street, Toronto

Jugend ist Trunkenheit Ohne Wein, Bikini Space, Basel


Let’s see, where were we? In the pit of despair, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, NL 

Gabinete De Moda, Gabinete, Lisbon

Kamias Triennial, Kamias Special Projects, Kamias City

Grounds for Magical Thinking, J Hammond Projects, London

Period Pieces (A Sunset Terrace Retrospective), Projet Pangée, Montreal


Peach, W139, Amsterdam

Dinner Room Terravore, Oslo10, Basel

The First Story Ever Told, Krets, Malmö

Navigating. Items for a place without historical centre…, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, SE 2016 Life ist Life Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Berlin, Garret Grimoire, Berlin

Collect Yourself, Sergelgatan 8-10, Stockholm


Veins of Gypsum Mortar, Ashley, Berlin

Performance Proletarians/Hit the North, Andquestionmark, Stockholm

Shipping, Galleria FAFA, Helsinki


Breathing Fresh Air, Mellanrummet, Stockholm

Staging Economy, Sunset Terrace, Vancouver

I’m So Drunk Again, Bar Babette, Berlin


A Nice Way to Spend Time, Amazing Gallery, Vancouver

Retail Merchandise Unit, Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver

A Presentation of FAQs, Other Projects, Berlin


A Happy Sound II Die II, Amazing Gallery, Vancouver