Jan Domicz

Jan Domicz - selected work
Residents' List, 2019
CTO foils, artist's frame
22 x 30 cm
Jan Domicz - selected work
Inland Empire , 2019
exhibition view at Pracownia Portretu (Łódź, PL)
Jan Domicz - selected work
Inland Empire , 2019
HD video, sound, Night Shift app
Installation view at Pracownia Portretu (Łódź, PL)
Jan Domicz - selected work
Exhibition view, Wschód, Warsaw
Jan Domicz - selected work
Sliding CT foil, 2018
dust protection door curtains made out of effect foils. altering light color
Jan Domicz - selected work
Domicz, Domicz, 2018
exhibition view
Jan Domicz - selected work
BnB, 2017
Gardening allotment. Sculpture placed on top of R.O.D. Gallery is a 1:1 model of a characteristic lantern which lets the light into highly densified tenant houses at Warsaw Old Town.
Jan Domicz - selected work
Bnb, 2017
Detailed view
Jan Domicz - selected work
Stand, 2015
facsimiles of public furniture. found in various cities.
bike stand / short handrail / seat. depending on the context.
ambiguity in design of public spaces.
Jan Domicz - selected work
Self-Made-Copy-Can, 2016
Can dispenser and a set of seven hand-made objects.
Copies of mass-produced 330ml cans.
Jan Domicz - selected work
Lamps on a lamp shop, 2015
Time based situation created around a local shop on an exit road out of the city. Lamps from inside of the building have been put on the rooftop. The shop is empty. Salesman left.

Born in 1990. Lives and works in Warsaw. 


2012 - 2015 - Städelschule Frankfurt am Main

2009 - 2012 - University of Arts in Poznan

Selected solo shows:


Domicz, Domicz, Wschód, Warsaw


Dream Fair London (with Daniel Koniusz)

Bnb, WARSAW GALLERY WEEKEND, Wschód Gallery, Warsaw


Display displacement, Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole


Reverse time Your eyes will lie, with Jasmin Werner, SPREEZ, Munich


Fight 2014, with Max Ruf, CENTER Gallery, Berlin


National Geographic, Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole

Vacations, Atelier WRO Art Center, Wrocław

Here & Now, IDA Gallery, Prague

Selected group shows:


Functional-Utility Program For Wschód Gallery, Warsaw

The Fetish, UAP Poznań Gallery, Poznań

All The Time At Work, BWA Tarnów, Tarnów 

All The Time At Work, Labirynt, Lublin


Stich In Time Saves Nine, Wschód Gallery, Warsaw 

Drawers vol. 2, Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw 

All The Time At Work, BWA Tarnów, Tarnów


Parked Like Serious Oysters, MMK, Frankfurt am Main

Variation 2015, Art2M, Paris

Test Exposure, Biennale WRO 2015, National Museum, Wrocław

Moglichkeiteraume, Frankfurt am Main

Rundgang 2015, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main


Is It Art Or Is It Just, BWA Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra

Honky Dory, Karlin Studios, Prague

On Dinh Dong Mobile Academy (Vietnam /Germany), Berlin


AAAkupunktura, Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw


Samsung Art Master 2011, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw


IDEOZY, Avant-gade Institute, Warsaw


Henkel Art Award, 1. prize

Szpilman Award 2011, Best Six

Samsung Art Master, nomination